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2018 Graham + Stella Sauvignon Blanc

Graham + Stella is a collaboration of Christy Canterbury MW and Jaime Araujo – two friends in wine who wanted to make a luscious, delicious Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, while also doing some good.

$1 from every bottle sold will be donated to one of the two shelters where we found our beloved Graham, an adorable terrier-supermutt mix and Stella, a beautiful Husky-with-a-little-extra-mutt girl. So enjoy the wine and know that with every sip, you’re helping homeless dogs find their forever homes.

Just like our Graham + Stella, the inaugural, 2018 vintage shows no shortage of personality. It is eager to impress with its vivacious and expressive aromas of pineapple, sweet lime and papaya. The fruit profile is as pure as a doggo’s love. The flavors layer on complexity, adding hay and mint. The silky mouthfeel glides across the palate like a pup without traction on a freshly waxed wood floor. It’s a crescendo of excitement to a suave finish that – like a game of fetch with a fave squeak toy – never seems to end. It’s a good thing that this sassy Sauvignon Blanc is incredibly refreshing, too.

We would never cut corners for our pups, and we never will with their wine.


Her Highness Queen Stella, Lady of the Oakland Hills, Duchess of St Helena, Most Noble Nuzzler of Comforters and Quilts, Exalted Chaser of Squirrels and Tzarina of Zoomies, Honorable Guardian of Hearth and Home, Khaleesi of Kisses, Noble Napper and Canine Companion.

His Excellency Lord Graham, First of his Name, Duke of Dumbo, Defender of Home and Hydrant, Sultan of Squeak Toys, His Royal Shortness of Height but Lofty in Stature, Extraordinary Commander of Primas and Donnas alike, Shunner of Suitcases, Master of First Snowfalls.

Jaime Araujo & Christy Canterbury
Photo credit Leigh-Ann Beverly


Jaime Araujo has been working in wine slightly longer than she’s been a rescue dog parent. She started her first wine consultancy, Terravina, in France in 2004 – the same year Elliot the rescue lab came into her life. In 2016 Jaime moved back to Napa from a long stint overseas, and started making wine both with her family (Accendo Cellars) and with her own team (Trois Noix). The Graham + Stella project unites her main loves in life: great wine, great friends, and great pups. 

Though Christy Canterbury worked several harvests in Burgundy and Austria, Graham + Stella is her exclusive foray into the wine production side – for the love of rescued fur babies, dear friends and fine wine. Four years before meeting Graham Cracker on a Manhattan sidewalk, Christy became a Master of Wine, the seventh woman in the US to earn the title. When Graham Cracker isn’t insisting on her attention, Christy writes for wine magazines. When Graham Cracker sees her suitcase, he understands that Christy will soon will be off to host wine media shows or events, to speak at conferences or to judge at international competitions. Christy previously directed restaurant beverage programs around the world and spearheaded wine purchasing for leading New York and Hong Kong retailers. 

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Produced and bottled by:
ACA Cellars LLC, St Helena CA
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